Walking with the Grieving

We live in a culture that is uneasy with end of life issues. Yet death is the one reality we must all face. All will die, and most will experience grief.

This training is geared toward those already in the trenches caring for the grieving. Chaplains, social workers, bereavement coordinators, home health aides, clergy, funeral home workers, Stephen Ministers, church members, relatives and friends will all benefit from this training.

Participants will take away practical skills and behaviors that will equip them to effectively use a coach approach to minister to the grieving.  Class members will learn 8 principles for walking with the grieving.  Those participating will be given the opportunity to examine their own views on death and dying, and practical tools for follow up will be introduced.

Participants will use the eBook, “Walking with the Grieving.”






Where Am I With Grieving

Riding The Roller Coaster With Them

Am I Going Crazy?

Be The Student, Not The Expert

Coaching Demonstration

Help Them Discover Their New Normal

Ongoing Follow Up