Basic Coach Training

Basic Coach Training

Are you curious about coaching? Are you looking for a strong introduction to what coaching is, and how to do it? Invite Don to lead a Basic Coach Training for you.

Basic Coach Training is designed to equip pastors, ministry leaders and church leaders with basic coaching skills that can be integrated into their local ministry setting. Coach training can enhance the ministry leader’s effectiveness as a leader and increase the impact within their faith community and the larger local community. In addition, this training will prepare ministry leaders to coach each other in partnerships among their peers.

Participants in this training will:

  • Gain a strong understanding of coaching and the distinction between coaching and therapy, consulting and mentoring
  • Develop core coaching skills that can be incorporated into the local church setting.
  • Receive a combination of coaching theory and practice
  • Observe LIVE coaching
  • Learn the Coaching4Clergy Five-Step Coaching Model

Contact Don Eisenhauer for details.