End of Life Coach Training

For those desiring to be certified (by Coaching at End of Life) and credentialed (by the International Coach Federation) as an End of Life Coach.



A Professional Certification Course in Grief and End of Life Coaching


Coaching at End of Life’s End of Life Coach Training is an ACTP program (Accredited Coach Training Program through the International Coach Federation).  It consists of 142 hours of coach training that is pre-approved by the International Coach Federation. Those who wish to obtain ACC, PCC, and MCC credentials through ICF have the advantage of an easier, stream-lined process as graduates of this End of Life Coach Training program. 

Our End of Life Coach Training program includes the following classes:

Introduction to Coaching at End of Life – 4 hours

Laying the Foundation – 8 hours

Life Coaching vs. End of Life Coaching – 4 hours

Why a Coach Approach and Coaching the Dying – 8 hours

Coaching the Grieving – 8 hours

Coach Yourself Through Grief – 4 hours

Practice Lab for Individuals – 8 hours

The Core Competencies – 4 hours

Coaching Groups in Grief – 8 hours

Practice Lab for Groups – 8 hours

Being End of Life Safe – 4 hours

Coaching Scenarios in End of Life Care – 8 hours

Self-Care for the End of Life Coach – 8 hours

Life Coaching and EOL Coaching Practice Lab – Part One – 4 hours

Coaching Through the Myths of Hospice – 4 hours

Coaching as Death Draws Near – 4 hours

Spirituality in End of Life Coaching – 4 hours

Humor in the Face of Dying – 4 hours

Coaching Grief in the Holidays – 4 hours

End of Life Coaching in the Workplace – 4 hours

Ethics in End of Life Coaching – 4 hours

Life Coaching and EOL Coaching Practice Lab – Part Two – 4 hours

Establishing Yourself as an End of Life Coach – 4 hours

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These classes must be completed in order.  Each class builds upon the previous one.

A minimum of 8 students is needed for each new training to begin.

In order to graduate from the program and to be eligible to apply for either your ACC or PCC credential, you will also need to participate in mentor coaching and accumulate coaching hours with pro-bono and paid clients.  You may work on these requirements while also taking classes.

Graduates of this program will be invited to post their profile on this website as a Certified End of Life Coach.

Onsite Trainings are also in process of being scheduled.  For interest and more information, contact Don.