Become a Coaching at End of Life Trainer


Are you interested in training others at a Coaching at End of Life Training event? Then perhaps you will be interested in becoming part of the Coaching at End of Life Faculty.

Requirements for being a CEOL Trainer:

  • A CEOL trainer must be a current member of the International Coach Federation, and have an ACC, PCC, or MCC coaching credential.
  • A CEOL trainer must have a PCC or above to be an approved Mentor Coach.
  • A CEOL trainer must have completed a Track before they can teach from it.
  • A CEOL trainer must complete the Trainer Training Module

Trainer Training Module

Contact Don for details as to when the next Trainer Training Module will take place.

Trainer Training includes 8 hours of class time, plus classroom competency.  Each trainer is required to participate in a full online class before teaching online, and/or to participate in an onsite training (at the trainer’s expense) before teaching onsite.

The total cost of the Trainer Training is $599.00.  Participation and payment for the program does not guarantee faculty status.

The Application Process

Submit a current copy of your resume, along with a cover letter highlighting your skills, expertise and experience, as well as a brief description of why you want to join the Coaching at End of Life Team.

Submit three letters of recommendation from individuals who can attest to your teaching and facilitation skills.

Fill out the Trainer Training Application below.

Pay for the Trainer Training Module.