Dying To Live: Lessons Learned From The Dying

“I love being with the dying!, “ Don often states! “I am passionate about those who are dealing with End-of-Life Issues.”

One of the primary reasons that Don feels this way, is because the dying have taught him what is important about life. They have modeled for him how to live each day fully. “Dying to Live” is a training appropriate for both laypeople and professional caregivers. The goal of the training is twofold: First, the participant will learn the rationale behind allowing the dying to teach him how to live life fully. Secondly, the participant will learn and apply 15 practical “Life Lessons” the dying teach.

This training uses the book, “Dying To Live: Lessons learned from the Dying.”  Click for details and to order.

For more information about this training, or to host this training at your church or business or community group, please contact Don Eisenhauer.

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