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Bereavement Management Group

logo-bmgThe Bereavement Management System is a comprehensive, easy to use software program that will help you care for those who are grieving in a timely and affordable way. BMS as a product offers an amazing number of features that will assist you in your endeavors to help those grieving the loss of a loved one. Three separate versions of the product are available to fit into almost every organization’s needs: Community, Hospice and Corporate.

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logo-c4cOften unprepared for the shifting landscape of ministry in today’s world, pastors, ministry staff and church leaders find themselves inadequate to affect the literal culture change needed within their congregations. Despite shrinking budgets, changing demographics, and uncertain preparation, expectations are that leadership will be able to step up and enable new dreams and their fulfillment. All of these issues can leave pastors feeling overwhelmed, overworked, ineffective, insecure, isolated and alone.

Founded by author and Master Coach Val Hastings, Coaching4Clergy has grown to become a global training company for equipping those called and charged with guiding their congregants in their spiritual journeys. Honed by years of experience, Coaching4Clergy equips pastors with the understanding and skills to be effective leaders.

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Mourning Cross

Mourning Cross

We have all attended wakes/visitations and funerals where we did not know all of the immediate family of the deceased; therefore, we found it hard to identify who we should sympathise with. The situation can be at best uncomfortable and at worst embarrassing. The distinction of wearing the Mourning symbols serves the surviving family as well as sympathetic visitors.

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