Requirements for Graduation

End of Life Coach Training

Requirements to graduate from the End of Life Coach Training:

                1.  Complete all 142 hours of the training.

                2.  Complete at least 10 hours of mentor coaching with Don.  This can be done in one of two ways:          

                                     Individual Mentor Coaching:  includes ten 60-minute individual sessions

                                     Group Mentor Coaching: includes 8 group sessions and 3 individual sessions.

                3.  Read and agree to uphold the ICF Code of Ethics.

                     4.   Have paid in full all tuition fees.

                5.  Submit to Don a recording of a life coaching AND end of life coaching session, along with a written transcript, that meets CEOL and PCC standards.

                6. Complete the Graduation Application.  (To receive the Graduation Application, please contact Don.)


Once you have successfully completed the above requirements, we will provide you with a graduation certificate.  You will use this certificate to apply for your ICF credential.

When applying to ICF for your ACC or PCC credential, the ICF will require:

  • A separate, additional application fee
  • A copy of your graduation certificate from Coaching at End of Life.
  • Attestation of 100 hours of coaching for your ACC/ 500 hours of coaching for your PCC beginning after the start of your coach-specific training.  (Refer to the ICF website for details and a SAMPLE log.)
  • A one-time written exam, the Coach Knowledge Assessment.  (Refer to the ICF website for details.)