Coaching at End of Life: A Coach Approach to Ministering to the Dying and the Grieving

We lcoaching_at_end_of_life_cover_3dive in a culture that is uneasy with end of life issues. Yet death is the one reality we must
all face. All will die, and all will experience grief.

This text book and training will focus on the spiritual leader who wants to use a coach approach to minister to the dying and the grieving. Readers & training participants will take away practical skills and behaviors that will equip them to effectively minister as an end of life coach, both to individuals and to groups.

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Life Lessons From Dragonfliesebook-dragonflies1

If you saw a dragonfly near you, would you allow it to land on your arm? Would you be scared to do so? Why are they called dragonflies? They don’t look like dragons! And what is it with their eyes? They’re so big!

Have you given much thought to what dragonflies can teach you? (No! I’m not joking!) I am not alone in my fascination with dragonflies. Dragonfly symbolism plays a role in many cultures in the world. In different times and places, the dragonfly has been associated with both good and evil.

Learn more about what the dragonfly can teach us about life with this complimentary ebook.

Coach Yourself Through Grief: Applying Coaching Principles to your Grief Journey

Aftcoach-yourself-through-grief-cover-3der experiencing a loss, there is nothing better than having an End of Life Coach to walk the journey of grief with you!

The reality, however, is that sometimes our End of Life Coaches are not available.  This book, written from a Christian framework, will remind the one in grief what their coach would say would he or she be present.  The reader will be taught 8 principles to help them work through the grief journey.

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Ministry 3.0: How Today’s Church Leaders are using Coaching to Transform Ministry

All across the globe, Pastors, Ministry Staff and Church Leaders are discovering the power of coachMinistry 3.0ing to enhance their effectiveness and bring new life into their ministry.

This resource is designed to give you solid examples of coaching in ministry, and we even provide you the

contact information of the contributing authors so that you can contact them directly and learn even more from them. I believe that this will become one of those books that pastors and ministry leaders will want to keep close by and refer to regularly.

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Dying To Live: Lessons Learned From The DyingDTL_CoverECover1 (1)

I love being with the dying!, Don states. One of the reasons why, is because of all that they have to teach us.

After more than a dozen years of spending most of his time with the dying and grieving, Don shares some of the profound Life-Lessons the dying have taught him.

Caution: If you allow it to, this book will change the way you live your life – for the better!

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